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REINO Partners shortlisted in the CEEQA Awards 2019 ‘Green Leadership Company of the Year’ category

We are happy to inform that REINO Partners has been shortlisted in the CEEQA Awards 2019 ‘Green Leadership Company of the Year’ category. While keeping fingers crossed for REINO we encourage you to check out our sustainable strategy.

REINO Partners pays special attention to asset management and the quality of offered office space. Our assets are both highest international standard and sustainable. Highest standards of our buildings have been awarded with LEED and BREEAM certificates. Being a PLGBC member (Polish Green Building Council) we also encourage everyone to introduce sustainable habit not only into their work but also everyday life. To endorse that attitude at the end of 2017 REINO decided to proceed LEED EB:OM certification of all held assets.

Malta House in Poznań (15.800 sqm) is the first and the only building in Poland to receive double LEED Platinum - LEED for Core&Shell and LEED EB:OM. Completed in July 2013 by Skanska, was the first office building in Poznań to be awarded Platinum LEED for Core&Shell certificate and only the third in Poland. In April 2018 Malta House was certified LEED EB:OM Platinum with highest that time score in Poland of 86 points. It is one of the most recognizable office buildings in Poznań situated just in front of Malta Lake, offering tenants high quality finishes, incredible view including roof terrace and unique experience thanks to location. It is packed with energy-efficient technologies which not only protect the natural environment but also generate financial efficiencies and limit the costs of the building’s usage. The most characteristic is the state of the art architecture assuring ideal daylight access. It comprises of a flat front façade and characteristic east and west elevations. These elevations are designed in a concertina shape, avoiding the façades from warming up and guaranteeing lake-view. The ratio of transparent float double glass and aluminium non-transparent surfaces on every façade provides optimal access to daylight throughout the day.

Kapelanka 42B in Kraków (12.000 sqm) in 2015 received Gold LEED for Core&Shell. Purchased by REINO Dywidenda FIZ and asset managed by REINO Partners in 2018 it received highest ever LEED EB:OM Platinum score in Poland – 92 points. It confirms that a proper asset management can substantially raise asset’s value and the quality of offered office space. Retro-Comissioning that was carried out for that purpose examined all building’s systems and settings in order to reduce energy usage. Data shows that such audit can generate 5-20% profit. Nevertheless, it is still rarely use methodology which REINO decided to implement in order to ensure a proper indoor quality for tenants.

At the same time our development projects are being certified. Our first completed asset – Cu Office building A in Wrocław, received BREEAM NC 2016 Design Stage at EXCELLENT level. It is especially highly rated in water usage efficiency and tenants’ health and comfort. We are keeping the same high standard in building B which is expected to be delivered in Q1 2020.

REINO Partners is developing its strategy of energy efficiency and sustainable building design also by means of partnerships with companies analysing and reducing energy consumed by the buildings. Recently REINO has introduced PropTech solutions at all held assets reducing energy usage up to even 15%. All tenants are also encouraged not only to take part in environmental-friendly events organized by REINO, but also through marketing actions to introduce those habit into their everyday life.

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