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Kapelanka 42B

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Kapelanka 42B is part of a class A office complex built in Kraków in 2014

Kapelanka 42B is part of a class A office complex developed by Skanska in Kraków in 2014. This 11-floor building offers 12 200 sqm of leasable space. The property is situated in the vicinity of the city centre and is well-connected with practically every part of Kraków, including the airport through a bypass, which is crucial for international tenants.

The building received the LEED EBOM certificate at the highest possible level – Platinum. Its score of 92 points is the best of any LEED EBOM-certified building in Poland. Several years ago, the building received a Gold-level LEED for Core&Shell certificate.

Kapelanka 42B has received the Building Without Barriers certificate from Fundacja Integracja. This serves to confirm that it is adapted to the needs of people with various disabilities: wheelchair-bound, blind or visually impaired, deaf and even the elderly or parents with small children.

The building is owned by REINO Dywidenda FIZ.

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14 January 2021

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